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Determine the appropriate help for your child -Boarding School, Therapeutic Boarding School, Residential Treatment Program, Military Boarding SchoolProgram Option, or Group Home for your Troubled Teen (pre-teen or young adult) -

Answers For Parents (AFP) is a free Professional service, that ensures Parents have the knowledge they need to make an informed decision about the type of intervention they are considering for their Child. AFP Counselors work with families that have a Troubled Teen or Young Adult. The AFP Counselors are a Team of Professionals who have helped thousands of Parents find the appropriate help for their Child.

Parents who call AFP have been searching for how to best help their Child & Family; and want to make sure they don't make a mistake. The Critical Question - What type of Intervention does your Child really need?

Our Goal is to HELP You help your Troubled Teen or Young Adult in the most effective, cost efficient, and timely way possible.

START NOW - take the first step in getting your Child back: 1) Call 1-877-242-6793 and speak with one of our Professionals; or 2)  Take our 20 Question Pre-Assessment; or 3) Complete the Request Help Form  ... and get help TODAY!

Please read the Welcome to Answers For Parents message below to see HOW we help.

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*Welcome to Answers For Parents*

Hello - I'm Adelle Belnap, a mother of 2 children and proud to be the spokesperson for this unique and special website and free service for Parents. There is much I would like to tell you about How we can HELP YOU sort through the overwhelming maze of information, and why we are so passionate about giving families a "hand up" in a time of need … In fact Click Here to see a short Video Presentation and the compelling story behind this valuable website and service. RIGHT NOW, lets focus on what YOU CAN DO to begin getting the help you need for your Troubled Teen (or young adult):

Call Now - Call our Answers For Parents Help Line TODAY, and begin the process of getting your Troubled Teen or Young Adult the help they need. We will help you identify appropriate options; and if Intervention is indicated, WHY, WHEN, and HOW to Intervene. The Options can range anywhere from In-home Out-Patient Treatment to Some type of Residential Therapeutic Intervention. What ever you decide to do, we are honored to be of help, because this is YOUR CHILD & FAMILY. As impossible as your situation may seem, we can help you find the answers - Call TODAY 1-877-242-6793

Take our 20 Question AssessmentUse this information to help in finding the most appropriate help for your struggling teen (pre-teen or young adult). This Assessment can help in understanding the severity of your teens problems (pre-teen or young adult), and can serve as an important point of reference. Depending on the extent, these problems may best be addressed by getting help in a controlled environment (a residential setting). Other times, because the issues are more moderate, the parent is able to tighten structure, re-visit necessary family rules and strengthen communication -- keeping their teen (pre-teen or young adult) in the home.

Request for Help Form - Fill out the Request for Help Form and we will send you via your email, important information on the types of HELP available, Crisis Intervention, and Signs to look for. You can find this document and other valuable information on our website under the heading Contact Us.

Call TODAY to speak with an Answers For Parents Counselor at 1-877-242-6793. We are standing by.